Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Steals the Show with Surprise Appearance During Super Bowl Halftime

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira put on a phenomenal performance during the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show that featured plenty of fireworks, some dancing on a pole and a cameo from Lopez’s daughter, Emme

Lopez performed some of her biggest hits, such as “Jenny from the Block,” “Get Right” and “Waiting for Tonight.” She even showed off her Hustlers training with a special few minutes on the pole. And we’re majorly impressed. 

Emme then emerged toward the end of the set, joined by a chorus of other child singers. The duo sang a medley of  “Let’s Get Loud” and “Born in the USA” while Shakira played on the drums. 

According to Page Six, who first broke the news about Emme’s performance, “She will be performing on stage as the symbol of the American dream.”Ahead of the performance, Lopez's fiancé Alex Rodriguez teased that J.Lo's kids could be involved. "I think you have great, great info," he told Entertainment Tonight regarding the possibility. "I think there's—exactly what you said, and I'm gonna leave it right there because...if you keep this interview up, I'm going to be demoted to Uber driver and security for Jennifer, so I think it's gonna be great."

We’re suddenly in the mood to dance.