Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Have a Backyard ‘Booty’ Dance to Celebrate Baseball’s Return

2020 has been a big year for Jennifer Lopez: First, she was riding high on her engagement to Alex Rodriguez and the success of Hustlers. Then she starred in a little production called the Super Bowl halftime show (with a cameo from her tween daughter, Emme). And even during quarantine lockdown, she and her family are crushing TikTok.

But now, Jenny from the Block is really peaking, as she and her family accompany Rodriguez shaking his money-maker to the tune of the singer's 2014 hit, “Booty.” In a just-released Instagram post on A-Rod’s account, the entire fam circles around the 44-year-old sports star, the kids chanting and beating various percussion instruments while Lopez sing-shouts into a mic. Rodriguez twirls on one foot, perfectly in time, hitting a tambourine while tapping his foot. (Because presumably trained athletes have all the coordination. Or maybe J.Lo’s been doing some dance coaching?) “Big big booty, what you got a big booty...” wafts across the manicured lawn and 10-foot-high privacy hedges.

Of course you’re thinking, who among us has not blown off a little steam by assembling the family outside, encircled by flickering candles, while we all support the paterfamilias as he shakes his rump for a few laughs. No? Perhaps that’s because Mom isn't a multi-award winning entertainment icon and Dad isn’t celebrating the return of his claim to fame, Major League Baseball. That’s right—the former New York Yankee and his blended family were celebrating the MLB’s announcement that, after being paused for public health reasons, games would commence July 23 or 24.

“Here’s how we feel about baseball finally coming back!” read the caption, followed by #MusicToMyEars and #LetsDance hashtags and the disco-dancing man and baseball emojis. All we can say is that as we’re heading into the seventh-inning stretch of the COVID-19 quarantine, we’re glad A-Rod and fam haven’t lost their sense of humor—or spicy moves.

dana dickey

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