Jennifer Garner Gave Fans a Mini Tour of Her Home While Reading to Her Dog (& Whoa, That Backyard)

Leave it up to Jennifer Garner and her dog, Birdie, to brilliantly recreate a children's story, complete with costumes and special effects.

Garner, 48, teamed up with her Golden Retriever to reenact a few scenes from Marla Frazee's picture book, The Farmer and the Monkey, on Instagram. In the video, Garner is decked out in a farmer's costume while Birdie plays a rather impressive monkey. Meanwhile, in the caption, Garner talks about her love for the book, saying, "#TheFarmerAndTheMonkey overflows with story, character, humor, humanity, emotion, and loveliness—just ask Birdie."

It certainly looks like Birdie enjoyed Garner's creative storytime session. But aside from showing off her acting chops, the actress also gave fans some insight into her impeccable taste when it comes to home decor.

The video begins with Garner and her four-legged friend in what appears to be her living room. The chic and simple space features navy blue accents and includes a comfy white couch, along with a trendy fiddle-leaf fig plant. Then, Garner and her pup reenact their first scene (which focuses on a sad farmer being followed by a mysterious monkey) in her massive backyard. It includes tons of open grass and a stylish little patio with cozy white chairs.

The Peppermint star then proceeds to give fans a sneak peek of her fancy blue fish tank, which sits next to a few of her kids' crafts and drawings that hang on her wall. And towards the end of the story, when Garner concludes that the farmer's animals are his family, she offers a quick glimpse of her pet chickens from her wooden chicken coop. *Cue the applause*

Books with Birdie is a long-time tradition for the actress, who has been creating these fun clips with her dog since 2017. This one, however, stands out as one of our favorites—especially since we also got a glimpse of her gorgeous home.

Thanks for the tour, Jennifer! 


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