Jennifer Garner Posted Her Assistant’s Text Chain—and It’s Pretty Wild

If you’ve dreamed of becoming an executive assistant to a big-name celebrity—like Jennifer Garner—this priceless text thread might make you reconsider.

The Alias alum, 48, recently shared a screenshot on her personal Instagram account, featuring a series of messages she sent to her assistant, Mo. Being Garner’s right-hand gal sounds cool in theory, but after reading the content, it’s clear she doesn’t hold back on sharing, er, personal information.

The text describes a series of events that lead to Garner peeing her pants. (Seriously?) The actress begins by explaining she’s getting too hot in her pants and wants to take them off. However, she runs into a small problem: She can’t get her jeans off.

After suggesting her assistant bring scissors to cut the pants off, Garner finally reveals that she made the situation worse by peeing and, therefore, increasing the already hot temperature.

When put together, the entire message reads, “Taking my pants off. Hot too hot in pants. Bring scissors. Cut off pants. Burn. Jean. Peeing pants ow. Having a hard time with heat in pants and also pee. Peeing in heat pants.”

Garner captioned the post, “Hi, this is Mo. Today is #BossDay, so if you happen to be curious about life with @jennifer.garner as a boss, here you go (send help [prayer emoji]). To anyone on Zoom with Jen one afternoon this week…it’s on me if the heat pants distracted her. [heart emoji]”

Bless you, Mo.


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