Jason Bateman Says His Kids Use *This* Surprising Nickname When Referring to Jennifer Aniston

It turns out that Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman don't just mesh well while they're on camera.

The celebrity pair, who have starred together in hit movies like Horrible Bosses and The Switch, are also apparently very good friends in real life. In fact, the two are so close that they get together for dinner and drinks almost every Sunday with a few other celebrity pals.

In a new profile from The Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that Bateman and a few other close friends get together at Aniston's place in Bel Air for a tradition they like to call “Sunday Fundays.”

However, this isn't just an event for adults. Bateman and other famous figures like Jimmy Kimmel bring along their kids, who use a special nickname for their host. Apparently, the group “lovingly” refers to Aniston by the name of “Carol.”

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Amy Sussman/Rich Fury/Getty Images

Bateman explained how this nickname came to be, saying, “Carol’s sort of like a den mother, or if you can imagine a woman who’d be the enthusiastic leader of a bowling team and all that goes with that. Someone who’s almost stuck in the 1940s in the way she organizes stuff because she just wants to make sure everybody is comfortable and has a good time.”

According to the rest of the Hollywood Reporter piece, being a host is something that Aniston truly excels at. Pal Kristin Hahn commented on the matter, saying, “I can’t exaggerate how much she loves it, and how good she is at it.”

She added, “You go to her house and everything’s warm and cozy. If it’s wintertime, there’s a fire going, the bar’s open, and dinner at Jen’s house tastes unlike any other dinner. I mean, I’ve been eating in her ‘house restaurant’ for 20 years now, and I swear there’s, like, aphrodisiac in that food.”

Sounds like we need to attend a dinner party at “Carol's” house.

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