Idris Elba Says Lady Gaga & Beyoncé Made Him Feel Really, Really Famous

Just because Idris Elba starred in Luther, The Wire and Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t mean everyone knows who he is.

In an exclusive for People magazine, the 46-year-old actor chatted with Hot Ones host Sean Evans about which hosting gig made him feel more famous: the 2016 Met Gala or Saturday Night Live. Elba admitted that his answer has nothing to do with the actual event and everything to do with the celebs who were in attendance.

So, which one was it? “The Met Gala,” he said without hesitation. “I had Lady Gaga coming up to me—Rihanna, Beyoncé coming up to me, shaking my hand. I felt super famous.”

Although the interactions made him feel like a big shot, Elba also revealed that not everyone knew who he was. “And, Anna Wintour, bless her heart, she championed me as someone who should host it. Half the people didn’t know who I was,” he added. “They were like, ‘Who? Oh, OK, OK, you was on The Wire! Yeah, yeah, yeah. My dad’s seen that. It was great, apparently, great.’”

Elba is set to appear in a number of upcoming projects—like Cats, The Suicide Squad and Three Thousand Years of Longing—so there’s still hope for redemption.

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