How to Wear a Puffer Coat Without Looking Like a Marshmallow, According to a Celeb Stylist

To borrow the words of one of our favorite TV shows, winter is coming. And while puffer coats are a godsent in low temperatures, they’re not always the most flattering way to keep warm. Still, we find ourselves reaching for that Michelin Man-esque topper the moment it gets the slightest bit chilly. So if you, like us, have ever wondered how to wear a puffer coat without looking like a marshmallow, then you’re in luck.

Celebrity stylist Jasmine Caccamo, who counts Camilla Cabello, Alex Morgan and John Cena as just a few of her clients, chatted with PureWow about three ways she and her clients keep simultaneously warm and stylish.

“There are a few little styling tricks you can use to assure your new favorite coat doesn’t have you looking like a marshmallow this winter,” Caccamo said.

1. Pair with a Skinny Jeans

Caccamo calls the skinny jeans plus puffer coat combo one of her go-to’s.  “A super easy styling trick is to wear [your puffer coat with] skinny jeans,” she explained. “They gather at the ankle which shows off the slimmest part of your body and draws the eye to it.” Noted.

2. Belt It

“Another way to style a puffer coat is to belt it,” she said. Caccamo went on to explain that “even if your jacket doesn’t come with one, that’s fine. Adding a belt will cinch your waist, which is overall more flattering.” So, dig through your closet for your favorite belt and remind your fellow cold weather dwellers that you do, in fact, have a waist under all that down.

3. Open Up

Another tip to flatter your figure while staying toasty? “Wear your jacket open,” Caccamo shared. “This will create a more streamlined, elongated look which will make the front of your body slimmer.” 

There you have it. We’re officially ready for winter.

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