Gretta Monahan Reveals Her Trick for Voluminous Hair: Apple Cider Vinegar

gretta monohan hair trick

When it comes to adding volume and shine to our hair, we need all the help we can get. Lucky for us, Gretta Monahan stopped by PureWow and shared some of her most beloved styling tricks and tips.

The View lifestyle expert and beauty entrepreneur opened up about her recent breast cancer diagnosis, and revealed some major changes that she’s made to her beauty routine.

The 49-year-old star currently uses a cold-cap therapy, which allows her to keep her hair while she undergoes chemotherapy. However, during the process she quickly realized something: “I had been handling my hair too roughly.”

Now, instead of using products that feature harsh chemicals (what she calls “dirty ingredients”), Monahan opts for products that are less harmful or have a vegan base. One of her go-to options? Apple cider vinegar.

No, we don’t mean just taking a daily drink (although she does do that too). The beauty guru uses the vinegar in her hair for a little added volume and shine.

“My big trick I’ve been doing now to get the volume into my hair is taking a cap full of apple cider vinegar and putting that into a tall spray bottle with water,” said Monahan. “I spray it on my scalp and hair. It’s literally like a detoxifying treatment but just super gentle.”

This isn’t a particularly new phenomenon—apple cider vinegar hair rinses exist. Many say they do the same job as shampoo but leave your hair much healthier (read: silkier and shinier).

“You can do an apple cider vinegar wash once a week if you really want to take the residue of silicones and shine agents that get built up,” she continued. “It’s a great way to wash through all of that without having to go out and buy something else.”

But, if you’re like us (and Monahan), a simple spray bottle trick is more our speed. The best part? You probably already have the apple cider vinegar in the house.

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