9 Golden Globes Beauty Trends We've Actually Used in Real Life

We love swooning over red carpet gowns as much as the next sweatpants-clad person (seriously), but we’re probably never going to wear the same Ralph Lauren frock Priyanka Chopra rocked in 2017. We can, however, recreate her showstopping oxblood lip. Here, nine hair and makeup looks we’re totally stealing from some of our favorite celebs.

golden globes beauty beyonce
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1. Beyonce's Glossy Lip (2009)

Wine glasses everywhere, rejoice. This trendy lip is bare, dewy and subdued. Minimally done with just a swipe of clear gloss, this look is effortless and easy to recreate (and won’t stain your pearly whites). Plus, you can totally achieve it with Vaseline, which sells for, what, a couple of dollars?

golden globes beauty viola davis
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2. Viola Davis's Blue Smoky Eye (2016)

No offense to classic smokys, but we’re all about this unexpected upgrade. Think beyond the taupes and grays and add a new hue to the mix. Viola shows us that a pop of blue liner can make all the difference. Darker greens and rich plums have a similarly striking effect.

golden globes beauty hilary swank
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3. Hilary Swank's Hair Brooch (2007)

From simple clips to extravagant headbands, we love the idea of jewelry for our hair. These nine pieces are lovely whether you’re getting married or just looking to take your blowout to the next level.

golden globes beauty priyanka chopra
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4. Priyanka Chopra's Oxblood Lips (2017)

Say hello to your new neutral. Oxblood, or super-deep red, is a slightly edgy update to evening makeup that’s still elegant enough to pair with everything. If you’re not sold on wearing it on your lips, consider swiping it on your lids or even your fingernails.

golden globes beauty julianna margulies1
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5. Julianna Margulies's High Ponytail (2013)

Hooray! One of our favorite off-duty looks is now acceptable (nay, encouraged) for fancier occasions. In addition to adding height and keeping your hair out of your face, a high pony creates the illusion of pulling the skin around your forehead and eyes back, essentially giving you an instant face-lift.

golden globes beauty kerry washington
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6. Kerry Washington's Pink Blush (2015)

So fresh, so pretty. Poppy pinks make you look youthful, light and lifted. When applying, concentrate the color along the temples and tops of your cheeks, which will enhance your facial features without traditional (and time-consuming) contouring. 

golden globes beauty lily collins
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7. Lily Collins's Bold Brows (2017)

We all remember the cringe-worthy pencil-thin caterpillars of the 2000s, and thankfully today’s eyebrows are way more natural-looking. Even if you’ve overplucked, there are lots of top-notch powders, pomades and gels to help you fake Lily-level perfection.

golden globes beauty olivia wilde
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8. Olivia Wilde's Soft Bangs (2011)

Fringe—from curtain bangs to shag shapes—is having a real moment, and we’re ready to get on board. Longer bangs like Olivia’s draw attention to fierce cheekbones and frame your face without feeling severe. Plus, since these are on the long side, you’ll be able to grow them out much quicker if and when you get tired of them.

margot robbie golden globes beauty
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9. Margot Robbie's Slightly Shimmery Eye (2018)

This trend is bringing us back to the early 2000s, and it can be achieved by applying a sheer silver eye shadow (like L’Oréal’s pure silver) on your entire eyelid. While Margot Robbie went for a more subtle look, you can layer the product for a shinier result, so use at your own discretion.

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