Gigi Hadid Debuts New Brunette Hair Ahead of Baby’s Arrival

When we think of Gigi Hadid, several things come to mind, like her mom, Yolanda; her sister, Bella; her boyfriend slash baby daddy, Zayn Malik; and—most importantly—her signature blonde hair. Well, the latter might be gone for good.

The 25-year-old model recently posted a mysterious photo on her Instagram Story, featuring herself pouting at the camera as she sits in the car. Much to our surprise, Hadid is sporting long brunette locks that might even appear auburn in the direct sunlight.

gigi hadid brunette hair

We’re not sure if Hadid actually dyed her hair brown, or if she applied a filter that changed the color (since the photo is very obviously edited).

However, if you look past her icy eyes (which are naturally blue) and her digitized blush, there aren’t any inconsistencies on her hair line. We wouldn’t consider ourselves the Sherlock Holmes of Instagram filters, but we can spot a fake hair filter when we see one. And after much deliberation, our best guess is that Hadid’s new hair color is, in fact, brown.

We first learned about Hadid’s pregnancy back in April when TMZ reported that she was 20 weeks along. Rumors started swirling about the model’s 25th birthday party, which seemingly doubled as a gender reveal. She later confirmed the news during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Let the nesting commence.


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