Why Sansa’s Final Look in ‘Game of Thrones’ Is a Big Deal

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*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Break out the lemon cakes: Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) is Queen of the North. We’ve seen her evolve from a little bird to queen and her final scene was hugely indicative of that journey.

In the final montage moments in the final episode of ‘Game of Thrones,’ we see the remaining members of the Stark family heading out on their next adventures. Jon is headed beyond the wall with Ghost (best part of the episode), Arya is channeling her inner Christopher Columbus, and Sansa is crowned Queen of the North. Beyond her coronation outfit being obviously fit for a queen, the significance behind the ensemble is huge.

We've seen nods to Sansa's evolution with updates to her hair and wardrobe and the final episode is no exception. First, we get a glimpse of the sleeves as she's being dressed for the coronation. Each one is embroidered with the red weirwood leaves. It's an iconic Northern image and a far departure from Sansa in season one, who once begged her father to take her South to King’s Landing (big mistake, huge). Sansa is now the personification of the North; she's found her home after overcoming pretty difficult odds. Sansa has finally discovered her true voice and her power—and will not bend the knee to anyone, ever again.

Second, there’s a nod to Cersei (Lena Headey)—that’s right, that Cersei. Sansa’s crown is very similar to the one that Cersei wore once she took the Iron Throne. It’s likely showcasing that Sansa might have learned a thing or two from her time in King’s Landing and her one time sister-in-law. Cersei may have been morally corrupt, but she was a strong and powerful ruler, something Sansa really was lacking for several seasons.

Truth be told, Sansa wasn’t a favorite at first, but she’s gone from damsel in distress to HBIC. We’ll miss you, Sansa, but we’re so glad to see where your journey brought you—home.

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