Sansa Stark Will Have a Major Costume Change in ‘GoT’ Season 8 (and It's Not Because Winter Is Here)

Sansa Stark has gone through a number of costume changes (not to mention hair changes) on HBO’s Game of Thrones (when she moved to King’s Landing, was married to Ramsay Bolton, moved back to Winterfell, etc.). But one we’re freaking out about: the addition of armor to Sansa’s OOTD.

Sophie Turner revealed that her character will get some chainmail for the final season—and does this means she’s going to fight in the most epic battle that ever was?

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Turner said, “This is the first time I’ve had armor.” She continued, “She’s like the warrior of Winterfell,” although it won’t be your typical idea of armor. Instead, the armor will be made of thick “jet-black leather,” Turner said.

“We [had] the idea of it being very protective and she buttons herself up,” Turner says. “I wanted her to have a bit of armor and be a bit more warrior like.”

So far, it hasn’t been shown in any of the season eight pictures, but we do get a glimpse of Sansa at Winterfell as the North prepares for war with the Army of the Dead.

We’ve also already seen Sansa meeting Dany for the first time in a trailer, so maybe she’ll need the armor because she doesn’t trust this new Dragon Queen that her bro Jon Snow just brought home. The Lady of Winterfell is trading her fancy dresses for some lace-up leather vests, meaning Sansa may finally learn to fight like her younger sister Arya. 

Does this mean she’ll get her own sword too (similar to Arya’s “needle”)? Is Sansa going to lead the Winterfell armies into battle? Will we want to copy this new lewk in our own spring wardrobes?! We have so many (v important) questions.

Game of Thrones returns April 14 for the final season.