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Want to live your best life like Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton? Step one: Fill up a wine glass with ice. Step two: Pour wine. Step three: Sip until your heart's content. 

Yes, Diane Keaton puts ice in her red wine, and she couldn't care less what anyone thinks. Keaton’s love for a chilled robust red grew so strong that she launched her own line of bottled red wine called The Keaton in 2015. And yes, it must be served over ice.

The Keaton is unpretentious, delicious, benefits Alzheimer’s research, and now it's welcoming a new white wine to the family. Move over, rosé. There's a new summer wine in town and she’s super chill.

 The crisp white wine is said to be coming to a liquor store near you “soon.”

As Diane the Great would say, “It's not fancy, and neither am I.” Here, here sister. 

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