Let Us Never Forget That Time Demi Moore Wore Bike Shorts to the Oscars

demi moore wearing bike shorts at the 1989 academy awards
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Lately we've been forced to admit that bike shorts are officially a lasting trend (we know, we're not entirely sure we get it either), and while we have yet to truly figure out how to wear them out and about, there is at least one celeb we can look to for guidance. Yes, we're talking about Demi Moore's red-carpet bike shorts from way back in 1989.

Lest you forget, this was the only other time in history that the Oscars went on without a host, which ended up going so poorly that producers and the Academy vowed to never let it happen again (so much for that, we guess). Everyone was still reeling from Cher's barely there sequin Bob Mackie number from the 1988 show, plus Moore wasn't actually nominated for anything herself and was there instead to present the award for Best Cinematography with her then-husband Bruce Willis. So it's really no wonder that Demi felt the need to do something to stand out.

We were already impressed by Moore's moxie for wearing such an ensemble, but we loved it even more when we learned that this getup was designed by Demi herself. You read that right. She DIY'd her hybrid dress/bodysuit from a pair of spandex shorts, a corset and an abundance of metallic floral-print fabric. If she ever wants to take a stab at a second career as a fashion designer, we're all here for it.

In the same way that we're unsure about bike shorts for weekend brunch, we also have a lot of confused feelings about whether or not this outfit actually works. But one look at Moore's face and it's clear that she was definitely proud of her handiwork, and really, isn't that all that matters? You just keep doing you, Demi.

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