22 of the Best (and Wildest) ‘Bachelor’ Moments of All Time

We’re total suckers for The Bachelor franchise. There’s just something so oddly satisfying about diving into a drama-filled episode to watch kooky contestants duke it out for the king (or queen) of roses.

So, in honor of Zach Shallcross’s upcoming season, here are 22 of the best (and wildest) Bachelor moments.

1. When Nick And The Girls Took Wedding Photos...on The First Date

Apart from saying “I do,” one of the most important things about your wedding day (besides, like, every detail) is capturing the moment. The first group date of season 21 featured a sexy—and slightly awkward—wedding-themed photo shoot to weed out the ladies lacking bridal portrait potential. Always a bridesmaid, never sometimes a bride.


2. When Chris Soules Attempted To Freestyle

For those who aren’t familiar, Chris Soules is a hunky farmer from Arlington, Iowa, who stole America’s hearts on season 10 of The Bachelorette. On his own season of The Bachelor, he introduced us to his dolphin-like laugh, fear of eye contact and rapping skills that—thankfully—never left the studio.


3. When A Hot Tub Showed Up Out Of Nowhere

The Bachelor is known for arranging the most ridiculous dates (like when Ben Flajnik of season 16 took his ladies on a bikini ski date…yup), but this one takes the cake. An abandoned desert + a pop-up Jacuzzi + loads of bubbly for Ben Higgins and Lauren B. on season 20 = what more could this soon-to-be-engaged couple ask for?


4. When Alexis Misinterpreted Her Own Costume On Season 21

Sorry, Lex. You might be an animal lover, but that is dolphinitely a shark costume. Bazinga.


5. When Season 19 Blessed Us With Ashley S.

Oh, Ashley S...where do we even begin? From the onion-turned-pomegranate debacle to her, um, interesting connection with stray animals, Ashley’s confusing yet hysterical behavior was Bachelor gold.


6. When Andi Said What We All Were Thinking

Ess OK, Juan Pablo, season 18 was a tough one.

7. When 'Kylie' Was Mistaken For ‘Kat' On Season 18

Note to future contestants: Listen carefully during rose ceremonies because no one wants to be the girl who accidentally answers to the wrong name. Selective hearing for the win!

8. When Swimming Pigs Interrupted The Group Date On Season 20

The Bahamian sun, gorgeous beach views and the Bachelor du jour, Ben Higgins: What could possibly ruin such a blissful setting? *Cue the swimming pigs*

9. When Corinne Expanded Our, Er, Vocabulary

On season 21, Corinne introduced us to many things: her dazzling vagine, nanny housekeeper Raquel, macaroni and cheese’s alter ego cheese pasta and one of Abraham Lincoln’s favorite pastimes, mid-rose ceremony naps.


10. When Jojo's Mom Couldn't Handle The Hometown Date

One family always blows it during the hometown dates. Luckily, a bottle of Cab Sauv was readily available to save Jojo’s hometown date from her skeptical brothers in season 20.


11. When Courtney Robertson From Season 16 Went There

That sounds…like some incredibly entertaining reality TV.


12. When Jj Tried To Pick Up Amy Schumer On Season 11

We have a love-hate relationship with JJ—sometimes he seems to be inviting a swift punch in the face, and other times he’s a gent in shining armor. And he still lives with his parents…


13. When Rozlyn From Season 14 Got A Little Too Comfortable In The Mansion

Did no one tell her who the Bachelor was?


14. When Lace Thought She Could Pull This Off

You can’t hide the crazy train, Lace. But season 20 wouldn’t have been the same without your witty one-liners and delusional behavior. And that’s why we love you.

15. When Rachel Lindsay Was Crowned The First Black Bachelorette

All we have to say is…YAAASSS, FINALLY!

16. When Arie Luyendyk Jr. Proposed To Becca Kufrin…and Then Dumped Her

How could we forget about Luyendyk Jr.’s famous switcheroo? In the season 22 finale, the race car driver proposed to Kufrin and then broke up with her to pursue his runner-up, Lauren Burnham. Savage.

17. When Colton Underwood Became The First-ever Virgin Bachelor

Fantasy Suites + the show’s first-ever virgin Bachelor? Talk about an interesting combo.

18. And Then Hopped A Fence

When Cassie Randolph decided to self-eliminate, Colton Underwood had a mental breakdown and ran away from the producers. In an attempt to escape the cameras, he jumped over a wall, forever cementing him as “the Bachelor who hopped the fence.”

19. When Peter Weber Brought A Contestant To See Her Ex Perform

In episode four of The Bachelor season 24, Weber surprised Victoria F. with a Chase Rice concert during their one-on-one date. The problem? Victoria F. used to date the country singer and was forced to come clean to Weber later that night. #Awkward

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ABC/John Fleenor

20. When Peter Disobeyed Madison's Ultimatum

Before the Fantasy Suites, Madison Prewitt pulled Weber aside and gave him an ultimatum, revealing that she wants him to refrain from being “intimate” with the other contestants, since she’s saving herself for marriage.

Well, by the time Madison’s date rolled around, it was already too late. While we don’t blame her for voicing her opinion, we don’t know why she waited so long to bring it up.

21. When Matt James Became the First Black Bachelor

No caption necessary.

22. And Finally, When Clayton Slept with Too Many Women

Susie Evans was the last person to have a fantasy suite date, and she told Clayton Echard that she wouldn’t feel comfortable saying “yes” to an engagement if he had slept with the other women. #TooLate


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