The Two Most Important Things You Should Do to Prep Your Home for Spring

living room with ac

If Punxsutawney Phil is right, we're in for an early spring this year. (Even though it's currently snowing. And it's supposed to snow even more next week. Maybe Phil doesn't really know his stuff after all.)

And although we're no strangers to spring-cleaning our homes, there is one particular chore that we always forget about until it's too late.

Picture this: Finally, the sun has come out and you're relaxing at home wearing a dress without tights for the first time all year. Except it's actually a little too hot. "No problem," you think to yourself, and flick on the living room's AC. Except, it's not working. And the weatherman has predicted a heat wave next week. Oops.

That's why now is actually the ideal time to make sure that your air conditioner is in good shape. For most units, this means changing the filter and ensuring that everything is nice and clean, which will allow the flow of air to operate more efficiently.

Not comfortable cleaning and servicing your unit yourself? Hey, us neither. Call a heating and cooling contractor to take a look (this is also a good idea if there were any problems with the AC last year).

And one more thing: Now that your AC is in great condition, make sure all that cool air stays inside (and the hot air stays out) by getting rid of drafts. Tape up any spots where you find an air leak (use your hand to determine if there’s a breeze coming in) for less than $5. Easy.