Lady Danbury Discusses Season 2 of ‘Bridgerton’ & Draws Comparisons to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

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Lady Whistledown, step aside. A new figure is here to reveal all of the latest Bridgerton secrets.

Adjoa Andoh, who plays Lady Danbury in the hit Netflix series, offered an exclusive interview to Entertainment Tonight, where she clued fans into tidbits of the second season, while also making some royal family connections along the way.

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While Bridgerton fans are dying to know what's in store for Daphne and Simon (played by Phoebe Dynevor and Regé-Jean Page), Andoh hinted that there will be some changes for the couple.

"I really can't say too much nor would you expect me to, but I guess what we do know absolutely is that they're married now. It's a new married life and they have the baby, so there are all the vagaries of what that is like for young people with a new baby," Andoh said. "I mean Harry and Meghan, what's it like when you have a new baby? How does it affect you when [you are] a young couple with a new baby?"

She continued, "I just think we're going to see how Phoebe and Regé's characters...navigate being in love, very in lust still, but with a new baby in their lives. Having to navigate and negotiate that between each other, between their families and between their wider social circles. Yeah, it's going to be interesting...[And with Simon], how do you father when you haven't even fathered [or had a father]?"

In addition to comparing our favorite Regency-era couple to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Andoh indicated that season 2 will offer no shortage of steamy moments. Although Daphne and Simon won't be the central narrative of the new season, the arc will follow Daphne's older brother, Anthony, as he searches for a fiancée.

Jonathan Bailey, who plays Anthony, has promised that upcoming episodes will be even more "convoluted and sexier." Andoh confirmed, saying, "I don't think audiences will be disappointed, let's put it that way." She added, "I don't think the creators of the show want to lose any of the joy and the richness for season 2. If anything, they want to just beef it up, make it more fabulous than ever. So that's my hope."

If the newest season is anything like that Oprah interview, we'll be watching with bated breath.

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