'Bridgerton' Cast Offers BTS Glimpse (& Jams Out to Kesha) in New TikTok Video

Bridgerton may be known for its iconic soundtrack, where modern pop tunes like “Thank U, Next” and “Wrecking Ball” are transformed into classical-sounding pieces, however it appears that there's just as much pop music being played behind the scenes of the hit Netflix show (and some TikToks being filmed as well).

In a new video from Florence Hunt—the actress who plays the youngest member of the Bridgerton family, Hyacinth—we can see that the 15-year-old actress was joined by the other members of the cast for a TikTok where they sang along to Kesha's #1 song from 2008, “TiK ToK” (and the similarity of the spellings is not lost on us).

The video, which was filmed from inside the set of the Bridgerton family home, starts out with Hunt lip-syncing the first line of the chorus. As each new lyric begins, another member of the family pops in, with Will Tilston (Gregory Bridgerton) appearing, followed by Claudia Jessie (Eloise Bridgerton). Then, the three eldest Bridgerton brothers (played by Jonathan Bailey, Luke Thompson and Luke Newton) jump in, before Ruth Gemmell (who plays the matriarch of the family) sticks her head in from the side.

After being shared to TikTok with a caption that said, “And so the tik toks begin. #bridgertonnetflix,” the clip quickly racked up over 2 million likes and 23k comments. This caused Hunt to share the video to her Instagram as well, where she said, “Bridgerton tiktok bts has begun.”

Fans of the show couldn't get enough of the video, like one user who said, “This is something I didn’t know I needed but I'm obsessed now.” Another person wrote, “THE BEST FAMILY.” Meanwhile, the official Bridgerton account wrote, “I am left speechless.”

So are we...and we're gonna need more of these behind-the-scenes videos ASAP.

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