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Sure, we watch the Golden Globes to ogle the designer dresses and to see celebs accept their prestigious awards in said dresses, but the real fun is in the memes that follow. From Emma Thompson taking the stage accompanied by a martini to Catherine Zeta-Jones getting emojified, here, the nine best Golden Globes memes that have ever graced the web.

Chrissy Teigen face meme

1. When Chrissy Teigen Unleashed the Ugly Cry (2015)

Emotions are tough, people. 

Denzel Washington reaction golden globes

2. And Denzel Washington Mimicked Her (2017)

Intentional? Probably not. Amusing? Definitely.

Tommy Lee Jones golden globes grumpy cat

3. When Tommy Lee Jones Channeled Grumpy Cat (2013)

He had fun once. It was terrible. 

Emma Thompson high heels

4. And Emma Thompson Was All of Us After a Martini (2014)

Louboutins or not, heels are the worst.

Lena Dunham eye roll

5. When Lena Dunham Was Joyce Byers Before There Was a Joyce Byers (2014)

Is it weird that we want a Stranger Things and Girls crossover now? Yes? OK.

Benedict Cumberbatch Golden Globes

6. And Benedict Cumberbatch Was *So* Honored (2016)

“Who? Me?!”

Brendan Fraser laughing

7. When Brendan Fraser Had a Moment (2010)

We’re laughing with you, not at you, Brendan Fraser.

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reese witherspoon golden globes meme

8. And Reese Witherspoon Proved She's BFF Goals (2018)

The actress’s reaction to Nicole Kidman’s win says it all. Bless your sweet Southern heart, Reese.

Catherine Zeta Jones Emoji 1

9. And Finally, When Catherine Zeta-Jones Became an Emoji (2015)

Brava, to the brilliant soul that Photoshopped this.

We can’t wait to see what memes come from the 76th annual Golden Globes, airing on Sunday, January 6, on NBC.

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