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Looks like Ben & Jerry’s has been busy preparing for summer, because the ice cream brand just released four new flavors for the warm months ahead. 

Introducing Caramel Crisp, Nutty Caramel Swirl, Toffee Break and Pucker Upper. This new lineup is part of a scoop-shop-exclusive—meaning they’re only available in stores—and features a combination of rich flavors, including brown sugar, toffee, caramel and nuts.  

Here’s a little bit of what you can expect from each. Love nuts? Opt for the Nutty Caramel Swirl, with nougat ice cream, peanut bits, fudge flakes and a sticky caramel swirl. Or if you’re all about the caramel, then try Caramel Crisp—milk chocolate and caramel ice cream mixed with caramel cups. Maybe you need a break from your busy work day? The crunchy almond brittle and gooey toffee caramel swirl in Toffee Break could be your new go-to.

For those of us looking for something more refreshing for the warm weather, B&J made sure to include a lighter and fruitier option too—Pucker Upper. This flavor might look familiar, because it was actually released for a limited time by the brand last summer. So for those of you who didn't have the opportunity to give it a try last season, now’s your chance. Warning: This guy is a little on the sour side.

The catch? These flavors are seasonal, so you better get to a Scoop Shop ASAP.

We’ll have two scoops of the Toffee Break, please.

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