Peter Weber’s Family Puts Him in an Impossible Position in ‘Bachelor’ Finale By Picking a Favorite: Hannah Ann

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Tonight on The Bachelor, ABC brought us part one of the two-part season 24 finale, which featured Peter Weber introducing the remaining women to his family.

The episode picks up right where we left off in last week’s Women Tell All, with Weber traveling to Alice Springs, Australia, with his final two contestants: Hannah Ann and Madison (aka Madi).

Hannah Ann is the first to arrive to meet his family, and she wins them over with her vulnerable personality. Not only does she tear up while talking about how much she loves Weber, but she also tells his dad that it was “love at first sight.”

Next, Weber meets up with Madison, who already met Weber’s family in the season premiere. Before she sees them again, the couple sits down to discuss where she stands. Madi explains that she’s frustrated that he disobeyed her ultimatum. Weber apologizes for hurting her and explains that she put him in a difficult situation.

After Madison reveals that she’s “hanging by a thread,” Weber convinces her to fight for their relationship. When they head inside, it’s clear that his parents are concerned, since it’s a totally different vibe than Hannah Ann.

When Madison leaves, Weber’s mom breaks down in tears and says, “She’s not there for you.” In an interview with producers, she picks a side: “Madison is a lovely, sweet girl. But Hannah Ann is an angel on earth. A mother’s intuition is never wrong.”

When she sits down with Weber, his mom gets emotional (again) and says, “Hannah Ann loves you with all of her heart. Don’t let her go. Bring her home.”

Weber’s response? “You gotta stop doing this. You’re destroying me right now.”

The next day, Weber embarks on his final date with Madison, who is ready to “surrender” and go home. After revealing that she doesn’t think they’re “the best for each other,” Weber walks Madison out.

Weber still goes on his one-on-one date with Hannah Ann, which includes a trip to the kangaroo sanctuary followed by a candlelit dinner. The episode concludes with Weber opening up to Hannah Ann, revealing that his heart is “being pulled in two different directions.” Hannah Ann says she’s hurt that she’s so sure, but he’s not.

So, what will happen in tomorrow’s conclusion? We’re not entirely sure, especially since we’ve heard a million different theories. Still, we don’t think it’s fair that Weber’s family openly picked a favorite. 

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ABC/John Fleenor

Yes, they’re totally entitled to their own opinion, but it’s no secret that Weber wanted to choose Madison. So, the fact that they didn’t agree with the pilot was only going to present him with a dilemma: Should he follow his heart? Or should he follow his mother’s “intuition”?

While we don’t blame them for having a favorite, we don’t think they should have voiced it to Weber. He already warned his parents about his feelings, reminding them how much he cares about her despite her ultimatum. But that didn’t stop them from questioning their relationship, wondering whether he’s wrongfully ruling out Hannah Ann.

So, what’s the big deal? There’s no way Weber could pursue someone that his parents didn’t approve of. We already know he’s a self-proclaimed mama’s boy. So, he’d never propose to someone that she didn’t think was “the one.”

Although Madison “surrendered,” his family’s disapproval will likely affect his actions in tomorrow’s episode. Since Chris Harrison previously revealed that no one—not even Weber—knows how his season ends, we think Weber pursued Madison after the show stopped filming and reintroduced her to his family in a non-public setting.

That would support Reality Steve’s theory that Weber proposes to Madison during the After the Final Rose special, since it took him longer than expected to get his mom’s stamp of approval.

So, how will Weber’s season end? Guess we’ll have to wait until part two of The Bachelor finale airs tomorrow, March 10, at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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