A ‘Bachelor’ Fantasy: How We Wish Peter Weber’s Season Had Actually Ended

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Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is officially over, and he didn’t end up with anyone. Not what you were expecting, right? Us either, and we have some strong feelings about what should have happened. So, we came up with our own hypothetical conclusion for Weber’s journey to find love. Join us as we fantasize about how season 24 should have ended…

Flashback to when Weber sends home Victoria F. (who immediately gets back together with Chase Rice). This leaves the pilot with two remaining contestants: Hannah Ann and Madison, who pulls him aside after the rose ceremony.

It’s here where Madi discusses her issues with Weber, admitting that she won’t be ready for a proposal since he disobeyed her ultimatum. However, she agrees to give their relationship a shot. Weber assures her that he’ll do whatever it takes to win back her trust, even if it means sabotaging his date with Hannah Ann.

The next day, Madison meets up with Weber before heading inside to meet his parents (with no delay). Although Barb isn’t thrilled about Madi’s ultimatum, she has a soft spot for the contestant, especially since they previously met during the season premiere. To top it off, Barb stalked Madi’s Instagram page and found they have a mutual love for knitting. Go figure. 

When Madi leaves, Hannah Ann shows up to meet Weber’s parents, and Barb is head over heels. Still, Weber’s brother is quick to point out the elephant in the room: “Dude, is she even 18?” The answer is yes, but we appreciate the observation.

This prompts Barb to question whether Hannah Ann is ready to be engaged. When confronted, Hannah Ann breaks down in tears and stumbles over her words. Weber follows Hannah Ann outside and demands to know what happened.

Hannah Ann reveals that she doesn’t want to move forward with their relationship unless he can give her 100 percent commitment. Weber reminds her that Madison is still in the picture, which only makes matters worse. It’s clear that he has strong feelings for Madi, and Hannah Ann knows it. So, she decides to send herself home.

The following day, Weber embarks on his final date with Madison and doesn’t tell her that Hannah Ann left. (Typical.) So, Madison is clueless about Hannah Ann’s whereabouts when she arrives at the final rose ceremony, where Weber gets down on one knee and proposes with—drumroll, please—a non-Neil Lane engagement ring. Gasp!

During After the Final Rose, Madison admits that she and Weber have been struggling, since his mom is low-key bananas. Still, they’re setting their sights on a destination wedding that will—obviously—be officiated by Chris Harrison. On the other hand, Hannah Ann is happily dating former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron, who slid into her DMs after the show premiered.

Ahh…if only…

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