Netflix’s ‘Babies’ Docuseries Follows 15 Kids Through Their First Year of Life, so Get Ready to Sob

Whether you’re a veteran parent, expecting your first or vaguely familiar with the tiny humans known as babies, we can all agree that they’re pretty fascinating. It’s kind of crazy to think about how much an infant’s body and mind transform in those first 12 months—sitting, eating, crawling, eventually talking and walking. The new Babies Netflix documentary breaks down that first year of development, and we’re predicting it’ll be the show everyone’s going to be talking about on Monday, whether you have kids or not. Here, everything you need to know before the docuseries arrives on the streaming platform.

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1. What’s The Premise?

The docuseries follows 15 babies across the globe for the first year of their life, showing them do everything from taking their first breaths to their first steps. All along the way, the show highlights the scientific feats that make their development and maturation possible. Executive producer and Nutopia CEO Jane Root notes that the series also tracks the “personal and emotional journey of the family as a whole.” In addition to some very cute footage of little ones, Babies even explores the scientific research being carried out to better understand the infant mind. Oh, and we’d be remiss not to mention that the story touches on family bonding, as well as milestones like feeding, sleeping through the night, crawling and talking. It’s basically like watching a baby grow up without having to buy all the diapers.

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2. When Does It Premiere?

The groundbreaking docuseries is set to hit Netflix on Friday, February 21.

3. Is There A Trailer?

There sure is. The trailer gives a sneak peek at all the cuteness and—let’s be real—eye-opening education that’s in store for Babies viewers.

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4. How Can I Watch It?

It will be available to stream on Netflix starting on Friday, February 21. If you don’t have a Netflix account, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial here.

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5. How Many Episodes Are There?

There are six episodes in the docuseries and each focuses on a different milestone. The first chapter centers on love, specifically the oxytocin (a brain chemical) emitted after delivery that impacts both moms and, surprisingly, dads. The second episode is all about baby’s first food and explores how breastmilk is, believe it or not, bespoke. For the third and fourth episodes, a team of scientists dives into crawling and first words, respectively. And the fifth and sixth episodes are all about something we spend a great deal of our lives doing (aside from, well, the first year of your child’s life): sleeping.

Consider Babies your crash course on all things parenthood. We know what we’ll be watching this weekend.

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