‘Ash Mauve’ Hair Color Is Subtle, Playful and Trending for Spring

It’s only April, but we’ve already cycled through approximately 1,000 trending hair colors, give or take a few. There was smoked marshmallowchocolate lilacpastel clouds and icy blonde. The latest? Well, it’s kind of a combination of all these.

“Ash mauve” is set to be spring’s trendiest dye job (you know, until the next one comes along). But unlike some of the brighter, bolder hues of late, this one’s a lot more wearable.

The stylist who coined the ash mauve moniker, Sydney Doctor, explained in an Instagram post that the trend actually came about from a major color correction. “This color was the final product of a color correction! She came in with level 3 Violet Base and level 6 Violet ends,”she wrote. After one round of color removal, she combined salon brand Pulp Riot’s Faction8 dye in Eggplant and Ash. The result was a subtly playful blush-purple.

Aside from being in vogue, ash mauve has other benefits. Unlike the ultra-light blondes that have been a recent mainstay, this hue is a little more gentle on your strands. And since the color isn’t too warm or too cool, it works on pretty much any skin tone. Doctor told Allure, “the mauve-violet tones balance out yellow or olive tones in the skin, while the ash base balances out fairer skin types.”

To get the look yourself, you can ask your stylist for a wash of ashy, pink purple. Or better yet, pull up a picture.

And rest assured, if this particular color is too out-there, you can always turn to one spring’s other trendy options.


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