JVN Reveals the One Thing You Should Never Do When Dealing with Pastel Hair Color

If there’s anything we’d go to Jonathan Van Ness for, it’s hair advice.

The Queer Eye grooming expert first blessed us with his wisdom on shampooing (hint: never do it), and now is giving us a new rule for dealing with pastel hair. (He would know—he rocked the purple hair look back in the day.) So what have we been doing wrong?

Two words: Hot. Showers. 

On his visit to Busy Tonight, the Queer Eye star asked show host Busy Philipps (who happens to be rocking rose gold hair), “Are you a hot shower queen or a cold shower queen?” And, like most of us, she’s a hot shower queen.

Unfortunately, Van Ness says this is the ultimate nemesis. Pastel hues are the hardest color to obtain and maintain because as soon as you step into a hot shower, your hair cuticles open up and allow all the colors to rinse out, he explains. 

Take it from JVN: Don’t dunk your new pastel hair in the hot water—that is, if you want your color to last.