Here’s the Number One Mistake Jonathan Van Ness Says We’re Making

When Queer Eye hair and grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness shares advice, we listen. So when he labeled something we do every day (OK, fine, twice a week) as a big no-no, we ditched it ASAP.   

What’s this hair sin we’re so frequently committing? *Drumroll, please* It’s shampooing.

Yep, Van Ness is ardently against shampooing with traditional suds because, as he explains, it’s detergent-based and strips hair of its natural oils. Instead, he uses a “cleansing lotion that doesn’t bubble” called New Wash by Hairstory. JVN promises it will “rock your baby world,” and when has he ever steered us wrong? The best part: It uses essential oils and leaves hair so moisturized that conditioner and masks aren’t required.

Van Ness said of the shampoo, “It’s changed my life—certainly in the sense that my hair is much more fabulous, as is my clients.’”

Say no more, JVN. We’re sold.


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