Antonio Banderas Thinks This Marvel Star Could Play Zorro in a Reboot

Antonio Banderas, 62, has plenty of iconic roles under his belt, from his Goya-winning performance in Pain and Glory to his portrayal of Pablo Picasso in the anthology series Genius. But perhaps his most notable is that of Zorro (aka Alejandro Murrieta), the masked vigilante who Banderas played in The Mask of Zorro (1998) and The Legend of Zorro (2005). But now, Banderas is ready to pass on the role, and he's got a famous action star in mind: Tom Holland.

The Evita actor showed his interest in Holland taking over the part as he chatted with Before Banderas, the role was filled by Anthony Hopkins, who, at the beginning of The Mask of Zorro, passes on the responsibilities to Banderas (metaphorically and literally).

When asked if he would return for a future Zorro movie, Banderas said, “Yes, I would, I would consider that possibility. Why not? Yeah, I think today, I said something like that to somebody. They asked me about Zorro. If they called me to do Zorro, I would do what Anthony Hopkins did for me, which is to pass the torch.”

Antonio Banderas.
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It's no wonder the 26-year-old actor was fresh in Banderas's mind, because the two recently worked together in Uncharted, where Holland played treasure hunter Nathan Drake, while Banderas played one of his ruthless adversaries, Santiago Moncada.

In Uncharted, Holland was required to do loads of physical stunts, and this made him the perfect choice in Banderas's eyes. In a video from the same interview, the Puss in Boots actor said, “[Tom's] so energetic and fun. He’s got this spark, too.”

Antonio Banderas and Tom Holland.
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There are currently no Zorro reboots in the works, but in this age of remakes, reboots and revivals, it would be great to see the swashbuckling character make his triumphant return.

Of course, Holland has been kept busy with his über-popular Spider-Man films, and after the success of Uncharted, the Sony Pictures chairman, Tom Rothman, said the film would become a franchise (meaning we'll likely see Holland reprise the role of Drake). Furthermore, the Spider-Man: No Way Home actor is also set to play Fred Astaire in an upcoming biopic.

Antonio, we're fully on board for a reboot too.

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