Alison Brie Shares Her 1 Tip for Keeping Her Marriage with Dave Franco Strong

Alison Brie and Dave Franco’s thriving careers often mean long days and time spent away from one another. But the 36-year-old GLOW star says there’s one way that she and her 34-year-old husband commit to keeping their marriage strong.

Speaking with PureWow thanks to her partnership with Manitoba Harvest Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD, which she relies on heavily while shooting her hit Netflix series, Brie revealed that she and Franco take one-on-one time very seriously.

Her one tip for a strong marriage? “We’re very mindful about being present in the time we spend with each other,” she explained. “So if we’re really busy and working, we’re only going to get a couple of hours together at night before we’re going to bed. It’s nice to be really present and not be on our phones. We really ask each other how our days were and listen.”

Brie added, “I think that really enhances the time and then it almost feels like you get more time together because you’re using it well and really engaging and connecting with one another.”

The couple recently got to spend a lot of quality time together on set when Brie starred in her husband’s directorial debut, The Rental, a horror-thriller film due out next year.

The actress recalled the experience fondly, saying, “It was wonderful. I loved being on set with Dave more than anything in the world—except being at home with Dave. It was a really special time. I feel grateful that I got to be there to witness his directorial debut. He was such a fantastic director and it was really fun to get to see him shine in this new way and to watch everyone around him kind of discover what I’ve always known about what a wonderful and inspiring creative person he is.”

But, although Brie felt honored to watch her husband carry out his vision, she did notice a peculiar quirk of his emerge in the process.

“I’ve always known that he was a bit of a perfectionist, but I think that was taken to another level watching him direct,” Brie laughed. “He certainly had a very strong vision for this movie and every step of the way, through writing the script, directing the project and then editing the film, that perfectionism was at the forefront of everything he was doing. Sometimes to a stressful extent.”

She went on to add, “It was nice to have my Manitoba Harvest Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD so I could just chill out while he was a little more stressed about things like that.”

Sounds like Dave could have also benefited from some CBD.

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