Alexandra Breckenridge Uploads a Slideshow of BTS Memories from Filming Season 4 of ‘Virgin River’

These days, we don't even have to put in the effort to make slideshows anymore, as our phones have started to do it for us. And Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel Monroe on Virgin River, knows this all too well.

The 40-year-old star may only be filming the fifth season of her hit Netflix series, but she's already looking back fondly on season four. The This Is Us star posted a video of behind-the-scenes shots which her iPhone apparently compiled for her. “Thanks iPhone,” Breckenridge wrote in her caption. “Season 4.”

While Virgin River is supposed to take place in a remote Northern California town, it is actually filmed throughout parts of Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. And based on Breckenridge's video, her phone compiled a series of photos from their time filming in the city of Burnaby. This is where a few spots from the show are located, including the house of character Hope McCrea (Annette O'Toole).

The slideshow started out with a caption that said, “My Time in Burnaby 2021.” Then, throughout the video, we see pics and images of behind-the-scenes moments from season 4. In them, Breckenridge and her co-star, Martin Henderson (Jack Sheridan) are seen sharing a few laughs, Breckenridge is seen dancing in-between takes and more.

Alexandra Breckenridge in 'Virgin River.'

Fans loved seeing the peek behind the scenes, like one user who wrote, “This is such a sweet edit [heart-eyed emoji] Love it!! Thank you for sharing your memories from S4 with us Alex.” Another fan commented, “Love this and all the BTS content!!! Looks like such a fun set to be on!!”

Breckenridge has been sharing all kinds of behind-the-scenes content lately, and she's really been getting fans hyped for season 5.

Just the other day, she posted a video to Instagram featuring Henderson and wrote, “If you only knew the scene we were filming [laughing emoji] VRS5.”

And a couple weeks before that, she posted a snap with another one of her co-stars, Tim Matheson, as they filmed a scene in a boat for the new season. “Fishing with the best,” Breckenridge wrote in her caption.

While we love new episodes of Virgin River, we love these BTS posts nearly just as much.

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