Adele Shows Her Goofy Side with Bloopers from ‘Easy on Me’ Music Video: ‘It's All Smoke and Mirrors’

We already knew Adele was a riot, based on the laugh out loud things she says during award acceptance speeches, interviews and even carpool karaoke. But now, we're getting a closer look at who the singer is behind the scenes, with a new blooper reel that she shared to her Instagram account.

The 33-year-old crooner posted bloopers from the set of her ‘Easy on Me’ music video, where she cracks jokes, makes fake phone calls, gets hit in the face with flying paper and more.

“It’s all smoke and mirrors!” she said in the caption. “Here’s all the bloopers from the Easy On Me video.”

The highlights of the clip include Adele struggling to put a cassette tape into the player of a car and scoffing, her filming a scene where she's driving and saying, “I don't know how long to close my eyes for 'cause I'm driving, obviously” and her messing up a shot and muttering, “This f**king coat.”

Fans, of course, loved the reel, with one user commenting, “Adele is SO British it’s actually so funny,” and another adding, “THANK YOU NEEDED THIS TODAY.”

We have been very thankful for the return of Adele. After releasing her album 25 back in 2015, the artist took a musical hiatus, returning this fall to announce that her new release, 30, will come out on November 19.

Along with the album announcement (and a quick number-one single), Adele also revealed that she would be doing a special interview with Oprah Winfrey, as well as performing her first live shows in almost five years.

Adele, please never change.

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