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Quiz: What's Your Next Money Move?

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From the pink tax (the extra money women pay for products marketed to them) to invisible labor (cooking, cleaning and child-rearing that often go unrecognized and unpaid) to lifelong caregiving, it's a fact: Women have different challenges to navigate when it comes to their financials. But that doesn't mean we can't all take steps to prepare—and strengthen our self-reliance in the process.

Here, six questions to determine your money mindset so you can defeat financial challenges that have an outsized affect on women. Plus, why Fidelity’s Women Talk Money community is one of the best resources to help you with every step of the way.


Be honest: What’s your biggest money goal?

Buy a home

Travel more

Build up savings

Pay off debt

Carve out money to invest

Save for early retirement


Do you have student debt?

Yes, but paying it off

Thankfully, no


If you have debt…how does it make you feel?

Overwhelmed...I could use a better game plan for it

Managing to keep up

Feeling good—debt free right now!


Uh oh, you have an unexpected expense. You:

Pull from my savings and/or emergency fund...that's what it's for

Add it to the pile of bills

I may need to use credit

Is “phone a friend” an option here?


Congrats! A big raise from work! You immediately:

Plan a trip

Pay down my debt

Sock it away in savings

Invest it

Splurge on something for myself

There are no raises in my field


What’s your proudest money moment?

When I negotiated a career move that improved my quality of life

When I finally paid off my debt

When I bought my first home

When I paid for college

When I helped a family member

When I started investing