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Years ago, you had to have that Kate Spade bag in sweetheart pink, but sadly, you really only reach for it once or twice a year. Or what about that trendy Target designer collab? You thought it would become a wardrobe staple, only to realize it gets shoved farther and farther toward the back of your rack. It’s time to cash in. Here are five items in your closet with major resale value—to the tune of $500.

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closet resale katespade

Kate Spade Bag: $135

That Kate Spade bag we mentioned? It could net you $100 or more on sites like eBay and Tradesy, depending on the size and condition it’s in. Here’s why: Handbags are an easy sell on resale sites since they’re equally appealing to women of all clothing sizes. Just keep in mind that both sites tack on small commission fees to the tune of 10 percent. Still, it’s a small price to pay considering they’ll hold your hand through the selling process. (Ebay even has a handy bag-selling guide with a list of the most coveted brands.) 

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closet resale lulu

LuLuLemon Yoga Pants, Tank and Track Jacket: $120

On sites like ThredUp, you could earn close to $20 to $75 per workout item. The less wear and tear, the better, obviously. Active wear that’s in new or “like new” condition will get you the most bang for your buck. And as long as you follow the seller guidelines, you could earn a maximum of 80 percent of the sale price.

closet resale dvf

Diane Von Furstenburg Wrap Dress: $88

If the designer dress (like that trendy DVF number) you’re trying to sell is still in pristine shape, sites like the Real Real make it possible to walk away with 70 percent of the sale price. Just be sure to browse the list of accepted designers before shipping your items off. And remember, especially with high-end items, it never hurts to send them to the dry cleaner first.

closet resale lilly

Lily Pulitzer for Target: $54

You were the first to jump on that Lily Pulitzer for Target collab circa 2015. Too bad you never found a moment to wear what you bought. Contemporary brands (like J.Crew or Anthropologie) with items that sold out impossibly fast are always worth resurfacing—even years later—for fashion addicts searching to snap them up.

closet resale shoes1

Manolo Blahniks: $112

In the Sex and the City era, these shoes were all the rage. Now, that strappy pair is just collecting dust. (Tear.) List 'em now and cash in on your good taste. You could earn as much as $50 to $125 (and then some), as long as your shoes are in tip-top shape. Even a pair of sensible Nine West pumps could net you $15.

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