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Your paycheck is great and all, but wouldn’t it be nice if you had enough extra income to cover the cost of, say, your weekly grocery tab? Or better yet, that bucket bag you’ve been eyeing? Here, five creative (and low-effort) ways to make some money on the side.

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photo cash

From Your Photos

You love taking photos on your iPhone or your DSLR. Instead of simply posting them to Instagram, cash in on your creative efforts with Foap, a company that sells user-uploaded pics to brands looking for stock imagery. Simply download the app, and start uploading—the higher resolution, the better. If a brand decides to buy one, it can license it for $10. Foap takes half, so you’ll make $5 per sale.

grocery cash

From the Supermarket

There’s not a week that goes by that you don’t make a trip (or five) to the grocery store. The National Consumer Panel—run by Nielsen—makes it possible to record your purchases and earn cash back. As soon as you sign up, Nielsen will send you a handheld scanner, plus details on how to download the app, so that you can zap the barcodes on everyday items (like orange juice or cereal) and record how much you paid. Do it once a week and you’ll rack up the rewards, which can then be cashed in for prizes like an iTunes or Amazon gift card. (Ten minutes of scanning a week could earn you a $50 reward card by the end of the year.)

workout cash

While You Work Out

Sure, an in-shape bod is cool and all, but Achievemint gives you the chance to earn cash rewards for crushing your fitness goals. Simply sync the app with your Fitbit, Run Keeper or Apple Health, and get points every time you do a healthy activity like hitting your daily steps or logging a decent night’s sleep. Those points can then be converted into cash rewards. (You’ll get paid $10 for every 10,000 points you earn.)

kids cash

While You Watch Your Kids

According to Learnvest, parents who find themselves sidelined for hours, tethered to the sports schedules of their kids, have a huge opportunity to make some extra funds by signing up to referee the games. To get started, you’ll need to Google your town’s name, plus “referee opportunities” (or you could simply ask your kid’s coach). A lot of times a small amount of training—and a general understanding of the sport being played—is required, but after that you could make as much as $25 to $70 per game, depending on experience.

couch cash

From Your Couch

You’ve got a laptop. And you’re a whiz at biology/writing/French. Sites like Chegg Tutors make it a breeze to tutor students at your convenience. (Rates start at $20 an hour and top tutors make as much as $1,000—or more—a month.)

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