The Only Thing You *Need* to Ask Your Boss When You Quit Your Job

woman quitting job

You know the moment when you're about to give your notice at your current job? It's safe to say there are a lot of things on your mind. But aside from settling on your last day of work and negotiating any remaining PTO, there's something far more important you need to request from your soon-to-be-former boss.

You should ask her to be a reference.

Yep, according to Charlie Javice, founder of Frank, a service that makes it easier to understand and apply for financial aid, this request is critical to future career moves—and something a lot of people forget to bring up in that anxiety-provoking moment.

Simply explain that you value the experience you've had working together and you'd love to know if she'd be willing to serve as a reference down the road.

This way, when it's time to move on from your next job, you know you've got her in your corner. (Smart.)

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