How to Save Money Every Month

You know that feeling of reaching into your coat pocket and finding a couple extra dollars you didn’t know you had? Pretty sweet, right? Taking small steps to cut little costs in your day to day will result in equal levels of joy. Here, 20 ideas that will save you $20 this month.

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1. You Could Brown-bag Your Lunch.

Packing a homemade turkey sandwich once a week is all it takes.

2. Or Forgo Your Friday Starbucks Run.

Those venti lattes ($5 a pop) really add up. Cut it just one day a week and you’ll save $20 before it’s time to change the page on the calendar.

3. You Could Make A Grocery List And Actually Stick To It.

If the recipe calls for only one pound of meat, you only need to pick up one pound of meat. A list helps you stop wasting dollars…and food.

OK, so it’s a small investment up front ($99), but not having to pay for rush shipping on multiple deliveries a year will save you $20—and then some.

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5. You Could Hand-wash Two Sweaters Instead Of Dry-cleaning Them.

It’s good for the garment…and your wallet. (Dry cleaning just one cashmere sweater can set you back $9 to 10.)

6. You Could Switch To Online Bill Pay.

Stamps are almost 50 cents a pop these days. Why pay that when you can pay everything from your cable bill to your Ann Taylor Loft card online?

7. And Stash All Your Loose Change In A Jar.

Yes, even pennies and nickels add up to major dollars saved.

8. And Let Your Clothes Air-dry.

Your electric bill will thank you.

9. You Could Do Your Own Manicure.

Just promise yourself you won’t go near the dishes until the color is really (really) dry.

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10. And While You’re At It, Do Your Own Pedicure.

Come winter, you could probably even go without.

11. You Could Play A Game Where You Set Aside Every $5 Bill That Lands In Your Wallet.

They come into your wallet less frequently than you might expect. Four times a month is all it takes.

12. And Trade Diet Coke For Tap Water As Often As You Can.

Truth: Those $1 cans (or $2 bottles) seriously add up.

13. You Could Clip (or Digitally Save) Coupons.

CVS is just one place that lets you link discounts—like 30 percent off your purchase—directly to your rewards card so it’s there the next time you need it.


14. And Finally Automate Your Savings.

Yes, even $20 a month makes a dent.

15. You Could Trade Happy Hour For A Bottle Of Wine In Your Living Room.

Ten bucks a glass versus $10 a bottle. (You do the math.)

16. And Cut The Cord On Your Landline.

You really only use your iPhone, after all.


17. You Could Watch A New Release On Netflix Instead Of Going To The Movies.

Guys, Spotlight is streaming there right now.

It’s where they announce hefty discounts first—like 25 percent off that J.Crew blouse you were going to buy anyway.)

19.Or Switch To A Bank Account That Doesn’t Charge Fees And Gives You Free Checks.

We’re talking to you, Fidelity and Charles Schwab.

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20. And, For The Love Of God, Stop Running Your Ac When You’re Not In The House.

Yep, it’s that simple. Really.