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If one thing’s for sure, it’s that our horoscope usually knows us better than we know ourselves. But it’s not only good for telling you that a romantic encounter will happen on the 8th of this month (psst, Virgo, heads up), it can also reveal a lot about your personal style. Read on for the best kitchen styling tips for you, based on your zodiac sign.  

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Aries: Bright and Trend-Driven

Your spontaneity and ability to throw caution to the wind when trying something new make you the perfect person to go all out with an uber-trendy kitchen. If you can find it on Pinterest, you can find it in your kitchen—think all-black fixtures like the GE Appliances Black Stainless Steel finish, built-in sinks, terrazzo flooring and a banquette-style breakfast nook. Don’t forget the yellow detailing, energetic Aries.

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Taurus: Coastal Contemporary

A love of hosting but a need for practicality means you appreciate a kitchen that’s spacious, accommodating and calming. Opt for an open floor plan, an extra-large island that fits many counter stools and sleek gray cabinets that hold a bounty of entertaining supplies (and nicely tuck them away when they’re not in use). As for the color palette, choose a coastal combination of gray, white and calming sage or seaside blue.

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Gemini: Built for Entertaining

You Gemini, have an emotional spirit, and like to cling to what you know. Therefore, your kitchen should be classic and consistent without too many details you’ll want to change every time the season does. Since collecting items and accessories isn’t your thing, go for a minimalist kitchen with natural textures, tones and materials that will always feel in style, and never cluttered (which makes it all the more easy to clean up when you invite your friends over for entertaining).

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Cancer: Warm and Inviting

Because you’re sensitive to the world around you, you need an inviting kitchen you can retreat to at any time. But plain details need not apply—a Cancer’s creativity and love of beautiful things won’t allow it. For you, a modern kitchen with cozy elements is perfect. Marble countertops (and a seamless matching backsplash) with ample room for your beloved stand mixer are key, as is forgoing traditional upper cabinets for open shelving. It’s the best way to display all those beautiful dishes and trinkets that make you feel right at home.

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Leo: Luxuriously High-Tech

It’s your love of efficiency and the finer things in life that make a trendy black-and-white kitchen the right choice for you, Leo. Focus on chic appliances with lasting quality, like GE Black Slate premium finish fridges and stoves, as well as black fixtures and faucets. Then keep your cabinets and countertops white. The contrast looks extremely elegant but modern, and the unexpected charcoal finish of your GE Black Slate appliances will give your kitchen a unique, high-tech feel.


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Virgo: Modern (Super Clean) Farmhouse

Order, harmony and balance are a Virgo’s biggest virtues—which is really just a nice way of saying you’re a perfectionist. Don’t think for a second we mean that negatively, because when it comes to kitchens, yours has a great combo of qualities. Look to chic modern-farmhouse vibes for your kitchen style, meaning bright-white cabinets mixed with warm wood stools, rustic accessories with glam hardware details and simple lines brought to life with rich materials like marble. Oh, and never go without a full vase of freshly cut blooms.

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Libra: Minimalist with Artistic Features

Libras know that the beauty truly lies in the details, so when it comes to your kitchen, keep the bones simple and choose artistic features (like bronze hardware, butcher-block countertops and a farmhouse sink) that other people might overlook. Then curate a collection of cookbooks, stoneware decor and framed prints to display in the nooks and crannies. Keep it light and airy so that no matter how many cooks might be helping out in the kitchen, there’s always an air of tranquility.

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Scorpio: Mid-Century Modern

Make your kitchen a reflection of your bold and charismatic personality, Scorpio, by keeping it vivid and fun. Bright cookware proudly displayed against a patterned tile backsplash and statement-color cabinets (like a rich emerald green or bright royal blue) are where it’s at. Retro touches here and there, like mid-century modern stools and funky pendant lighting, add to the fun.

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Sagittarius: Bohemian

You love to travel, which only makes your home base that much more of a safe haven when you find your way back. Channel your bohemian tendencies through a kitchen that’s as eclectic as your adventures yet has all the comforts of home. Navy cabinets with brass drawer pulls, aMoroccan tile backsplash and a Turkish rug runner is what Sagittarius dreams are made of, and GE Slate premium finish appliances are the chic cherry on top. The neutral, smudge-proof slate finish will complement any colorful treasures you manage to bring back in your carry-on.

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Capricorn: Traditional

A traditional kitchen perfectly suited for a family is the ideal design for you. Make sure it has a smart setup you can depend on for years to come (this will satiate your economical side), but also be sure it has a strong dose of charm. Dark wood cabinetry and industrial-style barstools are a good base, then build upon that with neutral components that are easy to clean—like white marble countertops and a white subway-tile backsplash. Swap out your dish towels and decor every now and then for a small, easy refresh.

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Aquarius: Touch of Cottage Charm

Your romantic heart has a mind of its own, and it’s always changing. Your perfect kitchen? One that’s timeless and a bit rustic. Don’t be afraid to bring the outside in and use plants as your main accessory. Then, work with glass-front cabinets for an open feel, neutral quartz countertops, a big practical sink and an easygoing finish like GE Appliances stainless steel. Consider white beadboard cabinetry for a look that will stand the test of time but is still an interesting detail. And instead of tiling or painting your walls, Aquarius, use removable wallpaper so that when your mind inevitably changes, the walls can, too.

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Pisces: Calming

You’re dreamy and imaginative, so the best kitchen style for you is one where the backsplash does all the talking. It’s a great way to inject lightheartedness in a spot that doesn’t need to be practical, and it serves as an alluring dose of color that’s technically in the background. Think bright-green hexagonal or mermaid tiling. Keep the rest of the kitchen fairly neutral, but accent the countertops with canisters and small appliances in a contrasting color, like millennial pink. You do tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses after all, Pisces.

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