3 Ways to Fold Hand Towels Like a Hotel (Including Step-by-Step Instructions)

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There’s something oddly satisfying about walking into a hotel bathroom and seeing crisp, clean hand towels hanging on the rack, folded so beautifully that no vacationer can fathom replicating the terry cloth art in their own home. Well, that’s all about to change.

In the latest episode of 3 with Me, a YouTube series in which we show you foolproof hacks, PureWow Creator Kate demonstrates three easy ways to fold your hand towels like a hotel: the round fold, pocket fold and triangle fold.

Watch this video to see Kate’s tutorial (and check out the step-by-step instructions below).

3 Ways To Fold Hand Towels:

Method 1: round fold

  1. Lay a hand towel on a flat surface. (FYI, you can use any size towel for this method.)
  2. Take one corner and fold it away from you. The edge should align with the other side of the towel to create a triangular shape.
  3. Take the edge closest to you and fold the towel in half. Then, flip it over.
  4. Roll the towel (tightly!). When you reach the end, tuck the flap into the roll.

Method 2: pocket fold

  1. Take the short end of a hand towel and fold it inward about 4 inches. Then, flip it over.
  2. Take 1/3 of the towel and fold it away from you.
  3. Using the other end of the towel, tuck it into the pocket you just created.
  4. To display, fold it in half and hang it on a rack.

Pro tip: If you want to add a washcloth to the pocket, simply create an accordion-style fold with a smaller towel and place it in the pocket so it fans out.

Method 3: triangle

  1. Fold two ends of a hand towel towards each other to create a triangle.
  2. Then, fold the point of the triangle away from you.
  3. Take one side of the towel and fold it inward, so it meets the inner triangle point you previously created.
  4. Using that same piece, fold it upward to create another triangle. Repeat this process in an over-over motion until you form the last shape.
  5. Tuck the remaining towel into the triangle.


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