5 Home Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

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Mediterranean bedrooms are trending; this white room overlooks the water
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After the Coastal Grandmother trend inspired everyone to hang linen curtains and top every table with a bunch of hydrangeas, people have been itching to crown the home trend of summer. And just as Coastal Grandmother had its Nancy Meyers movie connections, the two biggest fads being thrown about have cinematic tie-ins: Barbiecore and Mermaidcore (based on the hype surrounding Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and the live adaptation of The Little Mermaid).

But as fun as they are, these trends feel so over the top that we worry we’d get sick of them mere weeks after committing to a Dream House Pink living room. And nobody wants to repaint that soon.

So, which summer home trends have true staying power beyond the season? We looked into search and Pinterest trends, and consulted with Etsy to uncover the looks that will last—including ones that can evoke summer’s buzziest films without feeling straight-up gimmicky. 

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summer home trends med bedrooms
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1. Mediterranean Bedrooms

Pinterest searches for Mediterranean bedrooms are up 70 percent year over year, which is in line with Airbnb’s recent finding that Mykonos, Greece, is the most popular summer destination in the world among U.S. travelers. If you can’t swing a trip to the Mediterranean, why not bring those vibes home?

“Choosing warm, earthy colors will be essential in making this style come to life,” says Brian Dillon, interiors expert at luxury bed company Crafted Beds, who tipped us off to the trend. He also recommends incorporating natural materials—like wood, stone and terracotta—to your decor, as well as plenty of greenery. “Olive trees, fig trees, and citrus plants are all great options for a Mediterranean bedroom. You can also incorporate herbs like rosemary and lavender for a fragrant touch.”

2. Botanical Prints & Embroidery

Whether your tastes skew more cottagecore or grandmillennial, there’s a good chance you’ve been eyeing botanical wall art. Searches for “floral home decor” are up 118 percent, with “embroidered botanical items” up a whopping 1,041 percent on Etsy. To that end, the intricate florals—often in blue and white—found in toile designs are also trending, up 32 percent.

You could wallpaper a whole room, if you’re going for drama, or ease into the trend by framing a sample.

3. Suncatchers

Almost as surprising as the return of wood furniture, another ‘70s darling is quietly making a comeback: suncatchers. They’re not only popular on Etsy; Google has seen a 50 percent increase in “DIY suncatchers” over the past three months as well. The latest designs are less folksy, more modern-geometric.

Handwoven rug in blue and white

4. Handwoven & Custom Rugs

Forget accent walls or jewel tone sofas—statement rugs are now the focal point of people’s living rooms. They’re particularly popular on Etsy, where searches for “handwoven rugs” are up 401 percent and “custom rugs” are up 62 percent. Some of the top trending designs feature wavy, freeform designs, instead of the typical rectangle; and they’re all a vibrant mix of colors. It’s an easy way to add charm to a space, particularly if you’re renting.

peach bean bag lounge chair outdoors

5. Bean Bag Chaises

Poolside loungers always look way more comfortable than they are. Well, the latest designs aim to change that. They’re basically gigantic bean bag chairs, outfitted in weatherproof fabrics to withstand the elements while keeping you cozy as you kick back with a book (or a margarita).

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