Bread Lamps Are Officially a Thing (and Its My Favorite Home Decor Trend on Earth)
Courtesy of Pampshade

A few months back, I spotted a mysterious (and now sold-out) baguette lamp on Nordstrom. Several weeks later, a friend, knowing my profound love of dumplings, sent me Smoko's ambient dumpling light. But it wasn't until perusing it-girl store The Webster's new home decor section that I realized bread lamps were truly having a moment beyond my personal chain of events. 

Let me repeat that for all you carb lovers: Bread lamps are having a moment. 

Specifically, bread lamps by Pampshade—a lighting line by baker-turned-artisan, Yukiko Morita. After some light research I learned that since debuting her first bread lamp at Maison Objet (the Parisian design show) a few years back, Morita's collection has expanded to include a baguette, a batard, a coupe, a petit roll and our perennial breakfast favorite, the croissant. And get this: Each lamp is made of real, actual bread that has been hollowed out, cast in resin (to prevent decay) and outfitted with an LED bulb.

All of this is to say: Bread lamps are possibly my favorite decor trend in the entire history of decor trends. Why? Well, I love a touch of humor. I also love seeing cool art at an accessible price point (petit rolls start at $75). And lastly, because bread—and OK, also Idris Elba—are the great loves of my life. I'm buying five. 

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