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As the weather begins to warm up and that golden hour light begins to linger long past dinnertime, your outdoor patio has become your own personal oasis. Or at least it would be if it was properly decorated. Turns out, all your outdoor space needs is a little sprucing up and soon you’ll be spending more time out there than in your living room. Here are six pieces you need to transform your patio into an outdoor living room.

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Bungalow Rose Clemens Patio Sofa

We’re not saying there will always be multiple people hanging out on this bench. Sometimes it will be only you, a large glass of wine and a good book. Regardless, the more room there is for friends to join you, the better.

Buy it ($420; $327)



Emily Isabella Parker Chair

If you don’t have the room to comfortably fit a large bench or you just want to add some additional seating options, opt for extra-large chairs in place folding chairs. You and your pals are much more likely to hang for hours if your seat is made from plush cushions or forgiving wicker, rather than hard metal.

Buy it ($1,398)



Winston Porter Ashbury Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillows

A few pops of color or a splash of pattern can do wonders for livening up basic furniture. Neutral hues like gray, khaki green and shades of blue will show wear and tear less than brighter or bolder shades. But if you opt for washable pillow covers or throw blankets, you can always toss them in the washing machine as often as you want.

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West Elm


Tambor Lobo Concrete Side Table

Scatter a handful of decorative side tables next to your various seating options and don't think too hard about pieces that match exactly. Mixing up colors, shapes and materials will lend your space a more eclectic, vintage vibe, especially if you place a few bright coffee cups or small potted flowers around the space,too.

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Food52 10 in. Round Hanging and Tabletop Solar Lantern

The moon and the stars may be romantic, but they certainly aren’t bright enough for you to read a book outside—let alone see the face of your partner who’s sitting just inches away. String globe lights along the rafters (save the true Christmas lights for the holidays) or invest in some vintage-looking lanterns, either true oil lamps or more modern electric versions, that can be placed either on the floor or on a side table.

Buy it ($78 for set of three)

Home Depot


Home Depot 40 in. x 12 in. Wood Planted Box

Besides adding some beautiful greenery to your space, tall plants can be used to separate your cozy new outdoor living room from the rest of the backyard, your nosey neighbors or bustling city streets. Little touches of green or pops of colorful flowers will also look lovely scattered over tabletops, placed next to the foot of a chair or hanging on the wall, if you don’t have the space for large potted plants, trees or bushes.

Buy it ($67)

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