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Your nose is the window to the soul. OK, maybe not, but a clean-smelling home is a baseline requirement for a good mood. From sculptural plug-ins to a high-design stick of charcoal, check out these new ways to make your home a lot more appealing without lighting one scented candle. 

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aera los angeles smell good home

Need an upgrade to your drugstore plug-in?

When a few spritzes of Febreze just don’t cut it, we switch on the Aera. Can’t spot it? It looks like a little white sculptural object, but it actually sends out periodic silent wisps of fragrances blended to smell nice but not quite like the one that you keep in the car. (We especially love the juniper-laced Odyssey scent.) Plus, with the app you can turn it on remotely—you know, just before you come home from a weekend away or before your mom drops by.

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lumens tom dixon diffuser los angeles smell good home

Bored of your usual scented candles?

Opt for a cool-looking and fresh-smelling alternative with a handblown beaker. There are four color and scent choices corresponding to the elements. We especially dig the mint-cedar combo of the Earth scent, which is diffused through a thick chunk of charcoal and lasts up to ten weeks.

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dh gate air diffuser los angeles smell good home
DH Gate

Why can’t my home smell like a spa?

It totally can if you use an air diffuser that pumps out a steady stream of vaporized essential oil. This wood grain lozenge blends right into your midcentury side table and takes a half cup of water and a few drops of anything from eucalyptus (ah, we’re energized) to lavender (shhh, we’re sleepy) for up to nine hours.

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diptyque air diffuser los angeles smell good home copy

Love lighting scented candles, but not while you’re gone all day?

Diptyque is pretty much the international gold standard of scented candles, and now it's innovated an electric air diffuser that makes a beautiful gold-and-porcelain addition to any tablescape. And oh, right, it disseminates the same money-smelling scents of berries, pine or fig you know from the candles.

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fornasetti vases flowers los angeles smell good home
The women’s room blog


You may already know about Fornasetti’s fancy fragrant candles, but its floral diffusers are next-level. Bonus: After you’ve used up the lily of the valley and citrus scent, you can repurpose the iconic porcelain vessel as a vase.

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