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We’ve all had an eye roll moment overhearing an “is this local?” question. But you have to admit: there’s something great about supporting the community by shopping local. And Chicago is not lacking for amazing things made right smack in our own town. So in the spirit of all things local, here are the five awesome made-in-Chicago products.


Jewelry from Local Eclectic

The Chicago-based site serves as a showcase for indie designers. The artists come from all over the country, but there’s a healthy showing of local brands--including Avrocomy. The jewelry line’s current collection was inspired by Chicago architecture, and it has a clean, striking aesthetic to match.


Leather from Production Mode

Every woman needs a leather jacket in her wardrobe. So why not up the ante and make it an ethically produced leather jacket? The Chicago-based Production Mode uses leather from a local tannery, which is then sewed together by refugee artisans earning a living wage. Yes, you can have your leather and eat it, too. (Not recommended).

3013 W. Armitage Ave.;


Candles from Tatine

We’ll always miss Tatine’s mellow Bucktown shop. (RIP.) Luckily, the brand’s locally made candles are still available online and at a few in-town shops. The candles have fragrances inspired by nature and rock and roll, so they’re a notch above your average French vanilla.


Coconut Oil from Cocovit

Made with oil harvested from organic coconuts in South India, the raw product works wonders on skin and hair. And in its hometown of Chicago--where the winters are long--it’s particularly beloved. Cocovit also has odd magical properties like dandruff control and diaper-rash protection.


Courtesy of Wild Ophelia

Snacks from Wild Ophelia

If you live in Chicago, you’ve eaten your weight in goodies from Vosges Haut-Chocolat. But did you know the local biz has a sister company? Called Wild Ophelia, the brand makes American chocolates in a Bucktown studio. The flavors kind of sound like a campfire menu--think beef jerky and BBQ potato chips--but that sweet-salty thing totally works. Also, a percentage of profits supports female entrepreneurs. #Sweet

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