I Tried A Lovesac Bean Bag and It Feels Like You're Sitting on a Cloud

A Couch Potato’s Dream

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Paula Boudes for PureWow

I’m a creature of habit and comfort in my home. If my husband is sitting in my go-to spot on the couch, I have no qualms about asking him to scootch. (More often than not, he already knows not to sit there.) All this to say that I wasn't dying to try out a new bean bag chair for work—that is, until I fell into the warm, fluffy embrace of the Lovesac Supersac for the first time.

Lovesac is primarily known for its huge bean bags (aka sacs) and couches, so it's safe to say that they have a good grasp on comfort. The sacs come in multiple sizes: the Citysac (was $400, now $340), Moviesac (was $575, now $489), Pillowsac (was $450, now $383), Supersac (was $700, now $595) and The Big One (was $900, now $765). They’re each sized by how many people could theoretically fit on one, but let me be very clear, in order to fit on these sacs with other people, you must enjoy cuddling because they aren’t made for personal space.

Each sac has different cover options, including chenille and velvet, but the Phur ones are my personal favorite because they’re so plush. I also got the matching Squattoman (a footrest) with mine, and I find it to be super useful for propping my feet up for extra support. The footrest has the same Phur cover but it's built with a very firm structure. Lovesac Supersacs inserts have a lifetime guarantee which means you can probably have this thing for the rest of your life. I won’t do the girl math for you to justify the purchase, but it breaks down to a digestible daily price, which makes total sense if you ask us. And when you’re ready to buy a new cover for your sac, they start at just $275.

lovesac supersac review
Olivia Dubyak/Paula Boudes for PureWow

A Lovesac Supersac Deep Dive

Sure, it’s essentially just a bean bag lounger, so there aren’t a bunch of high-tech features to it, but let’s talk some specifics. The Supersac is about five-feet wide and nearly four-feet tall. It claims to fit two to three people and it comes in at a whopping 75-pounds. You can really feel the weight and density of this bean bag when you decide you want to drag it to a different room; the flip side is that it really does feel sturdy and supportive when you're snuggled up in it.

Here's another thing about the Supersac: It will eventually mold to your body or bodies. So, if you tend to sit in it by yourself and your partner decides to join you in it for an upcoming movie night, it may need a little fluffing beforehand, so the filling is more evenly spread out. Ditto goes for it you have small children.

On that note, the best part about the Lovesac Supersac is that it gets better with time. I’ve had mine for nearly six months and the longer I use it, the softer the cover gets and the comfier the sac gets, as the filling gets more broken up and easier to move around (aka easier to fluff). We have our Supersac in our baby’s nursery because I find that it's cozy for nursing and not difficult to get out of while holding my baby.

All of the Lovesac Supersac covers are washable, which makes it even more enticing because one spill isn’t going to ruin it. The cover zips right on and off, and the zipper creates a huge opening, so you don’t have to struggle to get it back on after washing it. Like I mentioned, this is a 75-pound bean bag, so you might want some extra help with this task, but if you're flying solo, you can consider this your workout for the day. I will also note that the cover came very, very close to not fitting in my washer, as it is quite large. As for drying it, I hung up for about two days and then tumble dried it to fluff it up. The easiest way to put the cover back on was to pull it over the top and then basically flip the bean bag over and zip it from the bottom.

lovesac supersac review
Olivia Dubyak/Paula Boudes for PureWow

The Delivery and Assembly

As a commerce editor, I have had a lot of packages, big and small, delivered to my house, and nothing has ever arrived as well packaged as the Lovesac Supersac. The sac insert came in a Lovesac branded blue canvas bag that was very durable. And as you could imagine, the bag for a 75-pound, five-foot-tall bean bag was quite large. Think two giant hockey gear bags in one with an industrial zipper that could probably hold back the Hoover Dam. If you get your Supersac and aren’t fully in love, you get to try it out for 60 days and if it’s not for you, you can return it for a refund. Plus, you get free shipping, too.

As far as assembly goes, you basically take the beanbag out of the zippered bag, put the cover on, fluff it up, and then, promptly jump into it. It took us about 20 minutes to get our Supersac cover on, fluffed and ready to sit in.

The Bottom Line

For me, this cozy furniture piece is something my family and I will love and use for a long time. My husband and I like to cuddle on it to watch movies together and someday, I think my son is going to love jumping into it when he plays or to read a book with mama before bedtime.

Yes, it is expensive, but I know people who have had their Lovesac sacs for years and years, and the washable cover keeps it in good condition. If you’re in the market for something cozy for your space, I recommend grabbing one of these plush seats. Just make sure you measure where you want to put it first because you’ll be shocked at how big it is. It sits nicely in the corner of my son’s room and everyone who tries it out says the same thing, “Ah I have to get one of these for my house,” so yeah, it’s definitely worth it if you ask me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Lovesac Bean Bags Filled With?

All Lovesac sacs are made with repurposed foam, which is why they technically aren’t called bean bags because they don't have a single bean in them.

Are Lovesac Sacs Washable?

You can’t wash the inserts themselves, but all of the covers are washable. We recommend taking the larger sac covers to a dry cleaner though since they may be too big for your washer.

Can Two Adults Fit On A Supersac?

Absolutely. These are made to fit two or three people, but know that you’ll be sitting very close with whoever else is on there.

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