Is House Hunters Fake: 9 Truths About the Show

Wait, that house isn't actually for sale?

In a way, House Hunters has been our perfect television home: It’s reliable (always on), it’s entertaining and it’s relatable. But is House Hunters fake? Er, well, it’s just a lot more produced than you would think. Here, nine truths about House Hunters that will turn your world upside down.

1. Most Of The High-pressure House Hunting Happens Off-camera.

As in waaaaay before the cameras even get there.

2. In Fact, Most Participants Aren’t Accepted Until They Close On A House.

If you need to sit down, we understand.

3. And Often, The Houses They’re Touring Aren’t Even For Sale.

Um, what?

Kinda rude to dis your BFF’s laminate.

5. Which, Again, Aren’t Usually For Sale.


6. Which Means The House Prices Are Often Just Pulled Out Of Thin Air.

How dare you call this reality, HGTV!

7. The Filming Takes Place Over Several Months.

Not all in one weekend, as they’d have you believe.

8. Just Like Any Show, There Are Multiple Takes For Each Scene.

How many times can you act surprised at the size of a walk-in closet?

Welp, that’s enough for us to keep watching.