The Way Day 2023 Roomba Sale Is Your Sign to Get Your Spring Cleaning in Order (Because It's Nearly 50% Off)

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irobot roomba s9+ picks up debris on hardwood floors and carpet

You've probably heard us rave about robot vacuums on more than one occasion (OK, maybe a dozen). That's why we consider ourselves experts when it comes to spotting models that are all business—and we get even more excited when we come across a Roomba sale. With a reputation for clearing up dust bunnies and dirt remarkably well (like, probably better than you would, if cleaning isn't your thing), the iRobot Roomba s9+ is one we were overjoyed to see that Wayfair was selling for 46 percent off as part of its Way Day 2023 sale.

The discount is part of a bigger shopping event that runs through Thursday, April 27 and features up to 80 percent off everything from kitchen deals (like a 14-piece Cuisinart cookware set for 72 percent off) to mattresses (such as this top-rated number that's had its price slashed in half), but honestly, truly, if you're looking for a way to streamline your life this year, it's time to invest in a Roomba.

And not just any Roomba, but the iRobot Roomba s9+. Why? It has 40 times the suction power of the Roomba 600 series, and it uses a three-stage cleaning process to loosen, lift and remove mattered pet hair, food and other debris from a variety of surfaces (from hardwood and marble floors to fluffy shag carpets). It also self-empties, so you don't have to empty its dustbin every time it runs. According to the brand, you can go two months without having to clean it out. Pretty sweet, huh?


Oh, and if you don't like how robot vacuums scuttle underfoot while you're at home, this model features iRobot Genius, so it can clean while you're away and go back to its dock before you come home.

Of course, anyone who has a pet who really sheds may be giving us side eye right now: Does it truly keep up with all that pet hair? Can any robot vac do that? (We get it—this editor, in particular, has witnessed a rival robo-vacuum implode after three months with a friend's particularly shaggy pup.) The reviews speak for themselves: "This Roomba is life-changing. I love, love, love it," one customer from Georgia shares. "We have three shedding dogs and have to vacuum every other day. Now we go to bed, hit 'clean everywhere' and the living room, kitchen and sunroom, aka dog lounge, are magically clean. Really, really clean!"

That's not the only glowing review from a pet owner—several on the site said the same thing, including a homeowner whose pets require twice-a-day vacuuming sessions to keep the hair at bay. (Though, to be fair, one owner of three pets says the machine gets clogged sometimes when self-emptying all that hair, so caveat emptor.)

At 46 percent off—taking this machine from $1,400 to $749—it may be worth the splurge, especially when you factor in free shipping and the fact that it can be delivered to your door in a matter of days.

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