The Simple Hack For Stopping Untidy Clothing Piles

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We all have that one chair. You know: the accent piece intended as a cozy reading spot...that quickly devolves into a leaning tower of once-worn clothing. Admit it: "Clirty" clothes—aka clothes that are neither dirty nor clean—are the reason your room is constantly a big, hot mess.

But before you fall into a pit of clutter-induced despair, consider this brilliant tip from Gretchen Ruben’s new organizing book, Outer Order, Inner Calm: Give those "clirty" clothes their own designated home.

“Many people struggle to manage clothes that are neither fresh from washing nor ready to be laundered: the sweatpants you've worn a few times, the shirt you wore for an afternoon," Ruben writes. "When people feel uncomfortable mixing not-dirty clothes with clean ones, they tend to accumulate clothes in odd places. If you feel this way, find a method for handling those in-between clothes. Put hooks for them in your bathroom or closet; set aside a special drawer.”

Umm, how have we not thought of this?! Reading nook, we're bringing you back.