Just because you love your home doesn’t mean you don’t crave change every now and again. And in the spirit of spring, we say embrace that feeling! But don’t worry, the couch can stay—all it takes are five small adjustments to take your space from warm and cozy to light and airy.

Step 1: Pick up Glade® Plugins® Scented Oils in Clean Linen® for a fresh scent. Use the warmer to adjust the output so it fills the room with the perfect amount of fragrance.

Step 2: Flip your rug upside down to show off its muted tones. (Never thought of that one before, did ya?)

Step 3: Switch out dated artwork. Or in some cases, just add real photos to those frames you’ve had sitting around for months.

Step 4: Swap darker accents for light neutrals. Yes, blues can be neutrals.

Step 5: Brighten up the room (quite literally) with higher lumen light bulbs.