Here’s How to Declutter and Make Money on Amazon

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By now, we all know the Marie Kondo mandate: If it doesn’t spark joy, you don’t need it in your home, honey. And while you could organize a tag sale to sell off that pile of garage clutter, you could also turn to Amazon. Because in classic form, the mass retailer can totally make things easier on you. So if a decluttering spree is on your horizon, we’re here to remind that you can and should be utilizing Amazon to get that cash money. Here’s exactly how:

Become an Individual Seller
PSA: Literally anyone can become an Amazon seller. In addition to the Professional selling plan (which really doesn’t make sense unless you’re running a business and/or decluttering an entire village), you can take advantage of the less-intense Individual selling plan. There’s no subscription fee for this service—just a 99-cent fee deducted once your item sells. As with Ebay, you’re responsible for handling your own shipping, and profits are transferred directly to your bank account in seven business days. Here’s a random assortment of used stuff you can sell on the ‘Zon, in no particular order: Books, electronics, furniture, sporting goods, tools and vintage records. Here’s the full list.

Use the Trade-In Program
Another great—and little-known—option to consider? The nifty Trade-In Program. Basically, Amazon has a running list of items it's always buying back—like Kindles, tablets, books and smart watches, to name a few. You can ship these items in to Amazon, and in return it’ll give you store credit in the form of a gift card. What a fabulous way to turn your junk into something you need, right? Click here to learn more and get started. Happy hustling.

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