This Cute Folding Trick Will Save You Major Space in Your Sock Drawer

We’re ashamed to admit it, but far too often we find ourselves wasting precious morning minutes digging through a messy drawer of mismatched socks just to find one complete pair. The madness ends now. Here, the best (and most adorable) way to fold your socks to keep all the buddies together and save a ton of space in your drawer.

Step 1: Lay one sock flat and place its buddy straight across to make a “T” shape.

Step 2: Fold the top and bottom of the first sock up and over the second sock.

Step 3: Now fold the right and left portions of the second sock over the first sock and tuck the toe end into the top.

Stack all your adorably folded socks into neat little rows and you’ll never be left searching for a match again.

Additional reporting by Abby Hepworth

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