How to Keep Your Colander from Getting All Sticky When You Put Pasta in It

Clean up is now a breeze

Pasta night: one of life’s greatest pleasures. That is, until you’re trying to furiously scrub all that sticky starchy residue from your colander afterward. Here’s a simple trick to getting ahead of the mess before it’s a problem.

What you need: Cooking spray (whether you buy it or make it)

What you do: While your spaghetti is boiling on the stove, place your colander in the sink and coat it with an even layer of cooking spray. Then go about the rest of your pasta preparations: drain, plate, sauce, serve. When you’re ready to clean up afterward, your colander will be in much better shape to rinse and wipe down.

Why it works: Just like when you grease a cookie sheet, the spray creates a base layer for the food to adhere to. Your noodles will have more movement when you eat them, and they’ll slide right into a Tupperware dish as you’re cleaning up. Just give the ol’ colander a sudsy rinse and you’re all done.

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